Of Comfort and Elegance

We are coming to a close with the Cocalis Residence in Leucadia! With clients originating from the East Coast, this home is meant to pay homage to the classic Cape Cod architectural style that the homeowners adore. And yet, the design inspiration has become a beautiful mix of old and new - historic, yet modern.

I am writing this to you from the seating area in the kitchen, which is my new favorite spot
— Owner, Hillary

It touches my heart to know that the household will be enjoying their new home. Situated off of the kitchen area, I am pleased to know that this intermediate space will be used as another area where conversation and great memories will be held. I love how the wood floor adds warmth to the cool tones of the furniture and curtains.


Here, the nanny and baby are enjoying a mid-afternoon snack. I love how everyday life coincides to the style of the home. 

Ceilings + Natural Light

A ceiling that is not directly illuminated with natural light is dead.
— current client

The Cocalis residence is under construction in Encinitas, CA.

It demonstrates the importance of the ceiling by understanding that it is the defining feature of the room. This is in contrast to the traditional beach bungalow because here, the ceiling helps retain the history of the home whilst its interior qualities are subject to modernization.

Notice the shade and shadow of the roof rafters. They create definition and prominence whilst the transem (high) windows in the kitchen allow for light to illuminate the ceiling. It is especially important for the wood on the ceiling to highlight the natural grain and beauty of the material.